The use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology in gaming and the development of virtual amusement parks and entertainment centers has now become widespread in many countries. The gaming industry, in general, is not limited to children but has become a significant part of our lives for both children and adults. It allows the audience to transition from their world into another through phone screens or VR goggles, enjoying and playing in modern and advanced ways from their locations.

Many companies provide all means of entertainment for customers from their homes, saving time, effort, and money. With Marafei Knowledge, you can create VR game design programs or large-scale virtual reality amusement parks, making profits without the need for the cost of purchasing a large space to establish a real amusement park, replacing it with a virtual reality game city like those in Riyadh, Medina, Jeddah, and others.

VR Game Design

Designing VR games represents an exciting field that combines creativity and technology to create immersive and realistic interactive experiences. These games are uniquely stimulating, where players are integrated into a three-dimensional world that seems entirely real. Developing these types of games requires a deep understanding of virtual and augmented reality technologies, as well as the ability to find creative solutions to achieve an excellent gaming experience. The process of designing VR games includes several fundamental aspects. One of these aspects is designing the virtual world itself, including scenes, locations, and interactive elements. The design must be precise to create a realistic environment that attracts players and allows them to fully immerse themselves.

Additionally, it is essential to consider designing user interfaces appropriate for virtual and augmented reality, where interactions are entirely different from traditional applications. Game designers must think about how to guide players and provide a seamless experience. Technical aspects include designing movement and tracking accurately to achieve a unique experience free from disorientation. It is also essential to consider control devices and interaction tools such as controllers and touchpads, alongside choosing the best VR game company.

Individual Virtual World Games

You can create individual virtual games that allow individuals to enter a virtual world by creating a parallel environment or integrating the surrounding environment with the game’s conditions, as seen in augmented reality technology. An example is the widely popular Pokémon game, where individuals search for Pokémon everywhere around them using smartphones, playing in the real space around them with virtual characters appearing to them, opening a different realm of play.

As a company or institution owner, you can create an entertainment city comprising different virtual world games that operate through VR goggles, aiming for easy profits, or create a paid application for individuals to download the game on their smartphones and enjoy playing from their locations.

VR Group Games

In the quest for different entertainment projects by many companies, you can establish an institution for virtual reality group games, involving multiple individuals. The presence of several people in the same game makes users feel more engaged and eager to try more games.

With Marafei Knowledge, you can create virtual reality amusement parks or entertainment centers that users can enjoy remotely, through mobile phones or 3D goggles, allowing them to have fun without having to move from their homes. For instance, the widely popular game PUBG, which has been extensively used by adventure and team-play enthusiasts, offers an exciting experience of warfare with participants from all around the world.

Advantages of Designing Virtual Reality Game Projects

There are many benefits to consider when creating a virtual amusement park or even designing a virtual game. You can seek the expertise of Marafei Knowledge to design a comprehensive game program at the best cost. The following are the advantages of virtual game cities:

Cost Savings in Virtual World Games

Virtual reality technologies allow significant cost savings usually spent on buying space for an entertainment center and purchasing high-cost games, in addition to labor, electricity, and regular maintenance costs. You can establish a virtual amusement park or game at a one-time cost, then reap profits as millions experience this virtual reality.

Unlimited Spaces in Virtual Game Cities

Thanks to virtual and augmented reality technologies, you can create an enormous city with a diverse array of virtual games in Riyadh, where space is no longer a barrier. You can create an endless number of entertainment games.

Overcoming Timing Issues in Virtual Reality Games

By establishing a virtual amusement park, you can overcome time constraints, allowing anyone to enjoy it remotely, anytime, via phone or computer, without adhering to a specific opening or closing time. This means profits can be generated all day long.

Connecting Different Cultures in Virtual World Games

Group games allow you to connect different cultures, bringing together individuals from various nationalities through a group game that captivates their minds. Following this, we will talk about the most famous virtual game cities in Saudi Arabia.

Virtual Reality Game City in Riyadh

The virtual world in Riyadh offers a large entertainment city with a variety of VR games that allow visitors to experience an array of astonishing 3D virtual games beyond the boundaries of imagination and reality. The responsible team prepares visitors to transition into different worlds through a unique game setup while ensuring they adhere to designated play areas. This experience provides entertaining and imaginative recreational experiences.

This event was founded by Engineer Maram Fouad and her team, a company specialized in providing entertainment experiences in Saudi Arabia, enabling players to play in group environments in virtual realities that mimic real life. The game city in Riyadh is distinguished by offering a comprehensive local experience for participants, increasing their enthusiasm and participation in adventures and challenges.

Virtual Reality Game City in Jeddah

In Jeddah, some amusement parks offer virtual games suitable for children, in addition to 4D cinemas. Although not large, they are family-friendly.

Virtual Reality Game City in Khobar

Enjoy realistic shooting experiences and thrilling racing adventures developed using the latest virtual reality technologies. Khobar’s new virtual game center is dedicated to including all virtual and augmented reality games and features a variety of entertainment activities, including a virtual sports center spanning 1.5 square kilometers, equipped with the latest technologies for a tour inside the world of entertainment and adventure.

Virtual Reality Games in Medina

The virtual reality city in Medina is an entertainment entity in Saudi Arabia, supporting virtual reality technologies by embodying them into reality. The entertainment city designed to create a virtual reality entertainment experience spans 10,000 square meters and is divided into two floors. The ground floor, spanning 7,000 square meters, contains large games, while the upper floor houses a complex of restaurants and cafes for relaxation and leisure.

Capacity of Virtual Reality Game City in Medina

The entertainment hall in Medina’s virtual game city is designed to accommodate a large number of visitors of all ages and genders, with a capacity of 700 to 800 people. It is fully equipped according to the highest safety standards, including an on-site health clinic for first aid in emergencies. There is also a dedicated area for children under the age of six for their safety and protection.

According to the city’s designers, the VR games allow people to experience a world of fantasy, excitement, and enjoyment in a three-dimensional environment, entering a reality made of vivid images, sounds, and effects through screens or special devices. It relies on 3D goggles, immersing the person in the complete experience. The games include sensors that convey full sensations, movements, and vibrations, offering a comprehensive experience.

Examples of Games in the Virtual Reality City

One of the standout games available in the virtual reality city is the airplane game, which is a real flight cabin simulation. It realistically mimics the structure and interface of the plane and the pilot, including various airports, designed as they are in real life. The pilot enjoys a 5,000-hour flight training course.

Objective of Designing the Virtual Reality City in Medina

The virtual reality city in Medina was designed to serve various purposes, not limited to play and entertainment or providing fun. It supports concentration and education, offering different information to people, and services akin to virtual training courses, like training to fly a plane or drive a car. It also provides different information during the game to expand understanding and enjoyment. Additionally, it offers science fiction models that broaden the thought and hobbies of the audience, making it a comprehensive VR city, not just an entertainment center.

Marafei Knowledge’s Offerings in Virtual Game Design

At Marafei Knowledge for Information Technology, we pride ourselves on having a virtual world designer, distinguished by technical and creative skills in simulating user experiences in virtual worlds. The tasks of the virtual world designer include designing characters and virtual scenes in two-dimensional and three-dimensional game environments using engineering and technological principles. Marafei provides many other roles in this field:

  1. Creating models for virtual worlds.
  2. Drawing three-dimensional graphics.
  3. Creating and authoring stories.
  4. Design and programming.
  5. Setting up animations.
  6. Understanding user needs.
  7. Programming electronic games.
  8. Identifying the target audience.

In conclusion, this article clearly demonstrates that services in designing games in virtual reality represent a key point in developing unique interactive experiences, saving costs, and not being time-bound. This enhances our connection with future technologies and opens limitless doors for creativity and innovation. If you wish to create a game or a virtual city, do not hesitate to contact the Marafei Knowledge team.