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Virtual Reality Design Services in Saudi Arabia

Virtual reality design services represent a qualitative leap in technology. Through them, we can provide you with a comprehensive futuristic vision using 3D design to show what your project will look like, which you can view through virtual reality goggles to display a series of images or a virtual video.

Aiming to create an environment that closely mimics reality, individuals can fully experience the design. Virtual reality (VR) technology and augmented reality services allow people to see and experience things beyond the real world, usually through head-mounted displays and sometimes gloves to track hand movements.

Through these technological solutions, we at Marafi Knowledge can provide virtual environments for displaying a series of images and audio clips, aiming to create an environment that closely mimics reality, where individuals can fully experience the design.

Uses of Virtual Reality in 3D Environmental Design

The marketing opportunities in virtual reality seem great, especially among large companies, as it allows them to easily showcase and sell products to customers by giving them the opportunity to test, view, and understand the product more clearly before purchasing.

As the concept of virtual reality has become popular these days, have you ever tried using three-dimensional virtual environments as a company or institution owner in Riyadh or other regions to easily attract customers and distinguish your product from others in the market? Then you first need to know the main areas of virtual reality design companies:

Virtual Reality Technologies in Schools and Universities

Virtual Visits: In this service, one of the types of virtual reality, we offer a virtual design for schools or universities that allows students and parents to take virtual tours of the university or school, which is one of the best marketing methods for schools and universities.

Virtual Labs: In this service, we can help you set up a fully virtual lab at the highest level, regardless of the devices and tools used in it, which we will provide virtually. This will save you a lot of money and avoid risks to students that may occur in real labs. Recently, there has been significant development in virtual reality, offering multiple options in various fields.

Virtual Education: Through this service, you can create virtual classrooms and virtually record some educational materials, making them easier for students to understand. This modern method reinforces information more clearly in students’ minds.

Marketing and E-Commerce

You can market with virtual reality technology and promote your online store or create a virtual store that customers can visit and view all products, completing the entire purchasing process remotely, saving you the costs of renting a commercial space or hiring staff.

If you own an e-commerce website, you can use Marafi Knowledge’s augmented reality technology to showcase your products in 360-degree 3D on your site in a unique and more attractive way to easily capture customers’ attention and increase your sales. Additionally, customers can easily pick up the item, read all its details, uses, and expiry, increasing their desire to purchase the product.

VR in Psychotherapy

As a doctor, using virtual reality in hospitals and psychiatric clinics greatly contributes to creating a three-dimensional virtual reality environment for patients, allowing them to easily adapt to facing their fears. For example, patients with a fear of heights can be helped to overcome their fears through a virtual environment.

Virtual Reality Design in Tourism and Museums

The tourism sector has greatly benefited from three-dimensional virtual reality technology, allowing you to provide a virtual living experience for the client to promote your tourism service more attractively and convincingly. Instead of the client receiving unreal details about your resort or hotel on other websites, you can give them a virtual tour inside the place to experience it themselves, increasing the chances of convincing and encouraging them to take this step, as virtual tourism tours are of great interest.

Designing a Virtual Entertainment Environment

With virtual reality technology, you can create a group of collective games in which a group of individuals participate virtually or design virtual amusement parks or entertainment centers where users can enjoy all its games remotely, through smartphones or virtual reality glasses, allowing them to enjoy without having to leave their homes.

Training Employees of Companies and Institutions

VR companies have contributed to higher levels of security and safety by training company and institution personnel in three-dimensional virtual environments without the consequences of failing a real experiment that could cause harm, not to mention saving a lot of money.

Virtual Reality Design Services for Decoration and Real Estate Companies

Virtual reality companies have provided a great opportunity in the field of real estate development and decoration by designing a virtual reality video that gives you a futuristic vision of your project before starting implementation, allowing for easy modifications.

Virtual Reality Conferences and Exhibitions

This technology has enabled many businessmen to hold virtual conferences and exhibitions without the need to rent a full conference hall and spend exorbitant amounts each time, as Marafi Knowledge provides this through creating a virtual environment for interaction between you and the recipient to convey the information attractively, and allowing visitors to take a virtual tour throughout the exhibition through three-dimensional designs to feel as if they are in a real conference or exhibition, in addition to linking the exhibits to a database that allows the visitor to obtain all the desired information.

Virtual Reality VR Fashion Shows

Virtual reality technology has allowed fashion designers to hold virtual fashion shows, saving time and costs, which is one of the advantages of VR. You do not need to hold a real show, rent a theater, or hire specialized fashion models, thanks to virtual reality and augmented reality technologies that allow you to design your fashion show in 360 degrees and promote the product remotely, at a lower financial cost, with the possibility of easy modification.

Designing Electronic Museums and Visitor Centers

A virtual reality service designer provides you the opportunity to design a fully virtual museum, exhibition, or visitor center through a virtual video that allows the client to take a picture next to one of the museum’s landmarks from their place. We at Marafi work on a virtual reality program and more, offering you many options and services.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Design Technology

Virtual reality design technology offers many benefits, importance, and advantages in a variety of industries and applications. Here are some of the main benefits of this technology:

  • Enhancing User Experience: Virtual reality design technology allows users to experience a rich and realistic environment. They can interact with virtual environments that closely resemble the real world, increasing their level of interest and engagement.
  • Effective Training: It can be used in training and education to provide interactive and realistic experiences. This helps develop students’ and employees’ skills better and improve their performance.
  • Cost Savings: In some cases, virtual reality design technology can reduce costs associated with training and experimentation. For example, dangerous situations or hazardous chemical experiments can be experienced without real risk.
  • Increasing Creativity and Innovation: It can be used in art and design fields to create new creative works. It allows for embodying ideas in ways that were not possible before.
  • Health Fields: It is used in medicine to train surgeons and plan surgeries. It can also be used to provide alternative treatments for diseases and psychological disorders.
  • Expanding Geographic Boundaries: Individuals can engage in interactive experiences with places and cultures from around the world without needing to travel.
  • Use in Electronic Games: It is commonly used in the electronic gaming industry to provide more realistic and interactive gaming experiences.
  • Providing Advice and Consultation: The technology can be used to provide remote advice and consulting services, saving time and effort.

With these benefits, virtual reality design technology offers a variety of opportunities and applications in different fields, contributing to the improvement of services and experiences for individuals and institutions alike.

Despite all the advantages and differences in types and services of virtual reality, some see it as having negatives, but this is not necessarily true, as it helps you save time and money and satisfy your customers before implementing something like center decorations or building a real estate unit. If you want to know all the details about virtual reality services, contact us now.