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360° 3D product photography services for e-commerce stores

Global companies and e-commerce websites are adding more 360° product images, achieving a significant increase in their sales, reaching up to over 40%.

360° technology | Marafei

Benefits of showcasing products in 360° technology

Getting a more realistic look at product details before making a purchasing decision.
  • Presenting products in 360° technology for e-commerce is the latest trend in the online shopping experience.
Assisting customers in seeing the largest possible number of product images.
  • According to an Adobe study, 91% of online consumers believe that displaying products in 360° technology is essential.
Improving customer satisfaction
  • Displaying products in 360° technology enhances the overall shopping experience by giving online visitors the opportunity to interact with the product effortlessly.
360° technology | Marafei
360° technology | Marafei
Lower product return rates
  • The display of products in 360° technology can significantly reduce product returns for online businesses.
Enhanced product presentation
  • Consumers prefer to have a complete view of the product from all sides and the opportunity to interact with its details. This is what makes displaying products in 360° technology worth the investment.
Improving engagement
  • With the 360° product display, you can engage and inspire your customers and website visitors like never before. When customers feel like they are part of the experience, the likelihood of them making a purchase increases, leading to overall profit growth.

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We can contribute significantly and effectively to increasing your sales on e-commerce platforms by capturing your products in 360° three-dimensional technology.

360° technology | Marafei

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