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Who We Are

Marafei Company was established in 2014 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and embarked on providing quality services in the field of information technology and technical consulting. In response to the evolving technological landscape and fulfilling the desires of many clients in using interactive technologies in exhibitions and conferences, Marafei has dedicated itself to organizing exhibitions and conferences, planning all events, and designing and implementing creative ideas for exhibition booths in the local market.

About Us | Marafei
About Us | Marafei

Summary of Our Previous Work

Marafei has always strived for excellence in delivering innovative and high-value solutions to the government sector, including ministries, agencies, other governmental and institutional bodies, as well as the private sector, encompassing both large and medium-sized companies. This is achieved through technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual tours. Now, we stand out in the Saudi market by providing exceptionally creative and unconventional technical solutions for exhibitions and conferences. This is accomplished by attracting and employing top talents, building leading technical capabilities, and leveraging strategic partnerships to meet the needs of the local market.




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Our Policy

Work quality and speed of execution are our top priorities. Our credibility with clients is more important than the work itself. We compete with honor as if winning it, and our team identity is ‘proud of what we present’.

Our Identity

Creating a distinctive footprint with creative technological solutions for exhibitions and conferences. (We stand behind all our goals).

Our Partners

We are strong because of our partners, and we always draw determination and perseverance from them. Together, we will achieve more successes and progress.

Our Creative Team

Marafei has a team of highly skilled national professionals with diverse specializations. They work collaboratively on various projects, possessing the ability to create numerous high-precision, creative ideas and works. They maintain the highest level of quality to ensure the success of any event.

About Us | Marafei
About Us | Marafei

Why Marafei

Marafei's profile has made it one of the leading Saudi companies in organizing and hosting exhibitions, conferences, and events. Its core policy focuses on creative ideas, work quality, and rapid execution. This is because we passionately aim to offer a variety of modern technical solutions of full quality for exhibitions, conferences, and all events at costs that match each client's requirements, ensuring you stand out among competitors and excel in presentation, leaving a lasting impression on your clients.

Marafei also provides organizational and logistical services, event planning, equipment setup, marketing and media services, documentation, and attracting participants and visitors, all maintaining high-quality standards that meet and fulfill client desires.

Local Content

We work on creating innovative content that aligns with the local environment and culture.

Modern Solutions

Because we passionately strive to offer a variety of modern technical solutions of full quality at minimal costs, which make you unique among competitors and distinguished in presentation, leaving a lasting impression.

Quality and Credibility

work itself, competing with honor as if winning it, our team's identity is 'proud of what we present'.

Unique Footprint

Creating a unique footprint with creative technological solutions. (We stand behind all our goals).

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