Virtual reality technology is creating a real revolution in the world of interior design and decor. It offers architects and designers in design companies a unique opportunity to visualize their designs in full detail before implementation. Through the creation of 360-degree panoramic images, these can be shared with clients. Marafei Knowledge Company offers an unparalleled experience in the use of virtual reality technology in the field of decor with ease.

This technology not only offers great opportunities to showcase the company’s work innovatively but also contributes to saving time and effort, and increases the marketing opportunities for the company. It can also assist in studying the design accurately and comprehensively before starting its implementation. This is what Marafei Knowledge Company offers, thanks to its specialized team in virtual reality design for decor companies.

Uses of Virtual Reality Technology in Interior Design

With virtual reality technology in interior design, we offer you distinctive virtual interior design services. These allow you to create a virtual environment for designs before implementing them in reality. Now, you can fully visualize the final look of your design with the client, including colors, divisions, arrangements, and spaces. This enables the client to clearly see the future of the project. This allows for the possibility of making modifications or changes in the design before starting the actual work on the ground. At Marafei Knowledge, we provide innovative virtual interior design services that save time and effort, increase marketing opportunities for the company, and offer a unique design experience.

Uses of Augmented Reality Technology for Decor Companies

Certainly, the use of augmented reality technology in interior design and decor companies is greatly beneficial, and this is one of the most prominent technological developments. This technology provides VR designers and project owners a unique opportunity to experience their designs realistically and interactively. For example, project owners can experience arranging furniture and choosing colors and materials with precision before starting implementation.

They can also easily display these designs to clients and involve them in the decision-making process, contributing to satisfactory final results and achieving a perfect balance between reality and imagination. Thanks to augmented reality technology, decor companies and decor exhibitions can provide amazing experiences for their clients and achieve excellence in the field of virtual interior design.

Advantages of Augmented Reality in Interior Furniture Design

The use of advanced augmented reality technology in the furniture industry has become very common nowadays. This spread is due to numerous benefits that augmented reality provides to buyers and clients. Through this technology, buyers can experience and explore furniture products without having to leave their homes. Statistics show that 60% of online product buyers in the United States tend to explore 3D models of furniture before deciding to purchase. This makes the premium furniture category among the most preferred by users. The increasing spread of augmented reality in the furniture industry shows how modern technologies play a fundamental role in improving the online shopping experience and enabling buyers to make informed and satisfactory decisions about their purchases. Here are the most prominent advantages of designing furniture with augmented reality:

The Enjoyment Gained by Customers During Purchase

Using augmented reality technology in the furniture industry turns the product selection process into a unique and enjoyable experience. It’s similar to the games we used to enjoy in our younger years. For this reason, many find shopping using augmented reality technology more enjoyable and attractive than traditional shopping. They often explore all the products available in the application and try different options out of curiosity, feeling complete enjoyment during this process.

Easier Access to a Wider Audience Due to Augmented Reality

With the use of augmented reality (AR) technology, furniture sellers can reach a new audience and attract customers who were previously unavailable. These include people living in areas far from showrooms or stores. Through interacting with furniture applications using augmented reality, customers can easily try different furniture models available in the catalog without leaving their homes, and they can place their orders with just a few clicks.

Impact of the Augmented Reality-Designed Furniture Buying Experience on Decision Making

Applications rich in augmented reality technology, which are easy to use, have a direct impact on consumer decisions. According to the latest marketing research, 40% of shoppers easily decide to pay an additional amount to purchase a product if there is an option to use augmented reality technology. In addition, 72% of consumers confirmed that they made an unplanned purchase simply because of their experience with the product using an augmented reality application.

Benefits of Virtual and Augmented Reality Design for Decor Companies

Designing decor with virtual and augmented reality offers tremendous opportunities for all companies providing this service. Through these technologies, they can realistically and interactively display their products to customers without the need for physical presence. These technologies can also be used to design and customize spaces accurately and simulate the effects of furniture and colors effectively, providing customers with a clear vision. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

Saving Time and Effort in Terms of Purchasing

Using virtual reality in interior design, you can save a significant amount of time and effort for your customers. You can create a detailed 3D design that displays the full details of your project and present it to the client before starting the implementation. This step helps you avoid wasting time in later stages due to modifications or changes that may occur in the design.

Avoid Wasting a Lot of Money When Having a Virtual Model

By taking advantage of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, you can achieve significant financial savings. Creating a virtual design environment gives you the opportunity to showcase the final look of the project without the need to waste materials and resources in actual trial. For example, if decor companies are working on preparing and implementing an interior design for a residential unit, you can choose and define colors and details and harmonize them with the project environment through virtual design. This gives you the opportunity to make necessary adjustments efficiently and economically according to available budgets.

Enhancing Marketing Opportunities with Virtual and Augmented Reality Design for Decor

Using virtual and augmented reality technologies to display the company’s projects enhances marketing opportunities and highlights the company’s past work portfolio when presented to the public. This attracts the audience to the company and easily increases its sales. At Marafei Knowledge, we can guarantee you a collection of virtual designs of the company’s past work and display them through websites on the Internet, allowing clients to easily get to know the company’s work.

Stay a Step Ahead of Your Competitors

The benefits of virtual reality technology are a great opportunity to attract customers to your company. Everyone has decor companies, but the question remains: how does your company stand out from others? By relying on modern technology in interior design, you can compete with others by giving the client the opportunity to experience the design virtually and visualize the final look of their home, easily attracting them to deal with your company. Not to mention that you can also photograph your online store products in 3D to enable your customers to view the products well before purchasing them.

In conclusion of this article, we reaffirm the importance of marketing services using modern technologies such as virtual and augmented reality for decor companies. These tools play a crucial role in improving the customer experience and enabling companies to achieve distinctive success in the interior design market for decor. Marafei Knowledge website provides these services with high professionalism to help companies innovate and grow.