The General Entertainment Authority has successfully planned and organized a wide range of events across the Kingdom, aiming to shape a bright future for the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia and transform it into an investment attraction point that contributes to enhancing the national economy. It also works on highlighting the artistic, cultural, and national identity dimensions through organizing various events and activities that meet the needs and aspirations of all segments of the Saudi society.

Among the musical concerts, live shows and various art exhibitions, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia strives to provide diverse entertainment opportunities that appeal to everyone. This is evident through the events of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, which plans, organizes, and works on developing the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia.

History of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Entertainment Authority was established in 2016 as part of the extensive efforts led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within Vision 2030, which aims to transform and diversify the Saudi economy away from oil dependency. The authority plays a pivotal role in developing the entertainment sector in the Kingdom, seeking to offer diverse and high-quality entertainment options for both citizens and residents. Since its establishment, the authority has witnessed significant developments in organizing and hosting various entertainment events such as international music concerts, cultural festivals, and sports shows.

It also played a prominent role in reopening cinemas in the country after decades of prohibition, marking a milestone in the Kingdom’s cultural and social modernization journey. The authority also works on enhancing the entertainment industry through collaboration with international partners and attracting investments in this sector. All these efforts contribute to enhancing the Kingdom’s position as a main destination for tourism and entertainment in the region. Additionally, the authority demonstrates high flexibility in dealing with challenges, such as those imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, by innovating new methods of providing entertainment in safe ways like virtual events and drive-in cinemas.

These steps reflect the authority’s commitment to developing the entertainment sector and elevating it to global levels, while preserving the cultural values and traditions of the Kingdom. Thus, the Saudi Entertainment Authority effectively contributes to shaping the cultural and social future of the Kingdom, adopting an ambitious vision it works to achieve amidst renewed challenges and opportunities.

Goals of the General Entertainment Authority

The goals and vision of the General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia include achieving several main objectives and ideas, such as:

  • Developing the entertainment industry: The authority aims to develop the entertainment sector in the Kingdom and diversify the available entertainment options for the public, making the entertainment industry a significant axis in the national economy.
  • Enhancing culture and arts: The authority seeks to enhance culture and arts in the Kingdom through organizing cultural and artistic shows and festivals that reflect the heritage and national identity.
  • Attracting international investments: The authority works on attracting international investments in the entertainment sector and enhancing cooperation with companies and international entities to bring world-class entertainment events and projects.
  • Enhancing social life: The authority aims to enhance social and cultural life in the Kingdom by providing diverse and attractive entertainment opportunities for the society.
  • Promoting cultural tourism: The authority aims to make the Kingdom a distinguished destination for cultural tourism and entertainment, contributing to enhancing the country’s tourism sector.
  • Enhancing cultural and social interaction: The authority seeks to enhance cultural and social interaction among different segments of the Saudi society and promote a spirit of communication and understanding.

The authority is committed to achieving these goals through organizing and supporting a variety of entertainment and cultural events and projects that contribute to enhancing the Kingdom’s position on the regional and global stage as a center for entertainment and culture.

Events of the General Entertainment Authority

The General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most prominent entities responsible for organizing and executing diverse entertainment events across the country. Riyadh Season is characterized by organizing distinctive events and large musical concerts featuring many local and international artists, providing an exceptional opportunity for enjoyment and entertainment for the Saudi audience and visitors to the Kingdom. Among the most prominent events organized by the Entertainment Authority are the following:

Riyadh Season Events

Riyadh Season is a global entertainment festival held in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is one of the largest winter events in the world. The festival aims to transform Riyadh into a global tourist attraction and achieve the goals of the Quality of Life Program as part of the Saudi Vision 2030. Riyadh Season first started in 2019, attracting more than 10 million visitors. The events continued in subsequent years, with the 2022 season achieving tremendous success by attracting more than 15 million visitors.

Riyadh Season 2023 is held under the slogan “Boulevard Adventure World.” The season includes 15 diverse entertainment zones, where visitors can enjoy unique experiences, including:

  • Riyadh Boulevard concerts: Considered the largest amusement park in the world, featuring more than 100 games and entertainment activities suitable for all ages.
  • Winter Wonderland area: A magical winter world with snow games and wonderful artistic shows.
  • Riyadh Safari area: A unique safari experience in the heart of Riyadh, with animal shows and entertainment performances.
  • The Grove area: A special destination for art and culture lovers, with art exhibitions and musical shows.
  • Al Hokair Land area: A traditional amusement park suitable for all family members.
  • Combat Field area: An ideal destination for adventure and challenge lovers, with various sports games and activities.
  • Lake Park area: A beautiful natural park with an artificial lake and diverse entertainment activities.
  • Vox Cinemas area: A special cinematic destination for movie lovers, with modern screening halls and various film shows.
  • Riyadh Park area: A huge entertainment park with games and sports activities suitable for all ages.
  • The Terrace area: An open area featuring a collection of restaurants, cafes, and shops.
  • Riyadh Art area: A unique artistic destination with art exhibitions and theatrical and musical shows.
  • The historic Diriyah area: A cultural and historical destination, featuring archaeological sites and cultural shows.
  • Diriyah Circuit area: A special sports destination for motorsport enthusiasts, with races and international competitions.
  • Riyadh Motor Show area: A huge car exhibition featuring the latest car models from various brands.
  • Riyadh Walk area: A special shopping area with many stores and international brands.

In addition to these zones, Riyadh Season includes many other events such as global theatrical and musical shows, diverse sports events, art and cultural exhibitions, and special fireworks shows. Riyadh Season is a wonderful opportunity to spend enjoyable time with family and friends and enjoy unique entertainment experiences in a fantastic winter atmosphere. With the “end of Riyadh Season” and determining the “end date of Riyadh Season,” everyone eagerly anticipates what the coming years will bring in terms of surprises and new entertainment innovations.

Jeddah Season Events for the Saudi Entertainment Authority

Jeddah Season is an exceptional entertainment experience held in Jeddah, the beautiful coastal destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This festival aims to highlight the beauty and diversity of Jeddah and include it among the global tourist and entertainment destinations. It is one of the most prominent entertainment events within the “Saudi Seasons” initiative that continues throughout the year. Jeddah Season spans 41 days of excitement and entertainment, where art, culture, music, and sports blend in various styles. The festival’s events extend from June 8 to July 18 and include more than 80 events held in 5 main destinations and other locations around the city.

The Entertainment Authority in Jeddah works hard to provide unique experiences for visitors, offering amazing musical street performances, exciting video game tournaments, children’s shows, and many other events. These events are characterized by their diversity and cater to the interests of all family members. The festival’s main destinations include Obhur with its beautiful beaches and water activities, Historic Jeddah telling the story of the good old times through its architecture and heritage, Al Jawhara as a prominent sports venue attracting sports lovers from around the world, Al Hamra with its charm and rich history, and Jeddah Waterfront combining stunning sea views and entertaining activities.

Saudi National Day Celebrations

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia proudly and enthusiastically celebrates Saudi National Day every year on September 23rd. This day is an important national occasion that brings together Saudis from different segments and ages to celebrate the history and unity of the Kingdom and express their love and loyalty to their beloved country. Saudi National Day celebrations are grand and joyful, with various artistic, cultural, and sports activities planned for several days. This day is characterized by the Saudi national colors and bright national slogans decorating streets, buildings, and vehicles.

In the capital, Riyadh, National Day festivals have a special flavor, with distinctive events celebrating the Kingdom’s heritage and culture. The festival is known for its spectacular fireworks displays, live music shows, and traditional arts reflecting Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage. It is important for everyone to live this day with a spirit of unity and national belonging, as they gather to celebrate decades of achievements and progress and always remember that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embraces a promising and united people striving to achieve progress and prosperity under one flag.

More Events by the Saudi Entertainment Authority

At the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Entertainment Authority stands out as a landmark in organizing entertainment events that reflect the country’s rich cultural and social fabric. With the launch of various entertainment seasons, the authority offers a unique experience that combines culture, sports, and art in a way that meets the aspirations and preferences of all age groups. Among these seasons are:

  1. “The Eastern Season” as a huge entertainment festival held during the autumn, marking the beginning of a season of rich and diverse events.
  2. “The Hajj and Umrah Season” and “Ramadan Season” as spiritual and cultural events that attract visitors from around the world to enjoy an entertainment experience blended with deep-rooted traditions.

Sports Events by the Saudi Entertainment Authority

In the sports arena, the Kingdom hosts major events such as the Saudi Professional League, Dakar Rally, FIFA Club World Cup, and international friendly matches, affirming its status as a global center for major sports events.

Cultural Events by the Entertainment Authority in Riyadh and Jeddah

In the cultural aspect, “The Riyadh International Book Fair,” “The Janadriyah Festival,” and “The World Heritage Festival” hold special importance, showcasing works that reflect Saudi heritage and highlight global cultural diversity. These events provide a platform for cultural exchange and enhance the understanding and appreciation of the Kingdom’s rich heritage.

Musical and Artistic Events by the Saudi Entertainment Authority

Artistic events include hosting international artists for musical concerts and performances in Riyadh and presenting global theatrical shows, making “Entertainment Authority concerts” and “musical concerts in Riyadh” some of the most anticipated events for the audience. In addition, other entertainment events include dazzling fireworks displays, special events for children and families, enhancing the social dimension of these gatherings.

“Riyadh Season shows” and “Saudi National Day events” are among the most important festivals in Saudi Arabia, offering visitors the opportunity to celebrate and entertain in a modern style while preserving traditional values. Thus, the Saudi Entertainment Authority continues to shape the future of entertainment in the Kingdom, offering rich and diverse experiences characterized by innovation and excitement, reflecting the cultural and social development of the country.

Where Do the Saudi Entertainment Authority Events Take Place?

Events by the Saudi Entertainment Authority are held in a variety of unique and distinctive locations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, spread between its major cities and attractive regions to cover the entire country. In the capital, Riyadh, many musical concerts and music events are held, in addition to international exhibitions and major cultural events, making it a main gathering point for entertainment events.

Jeddah, the gateway to the Red Sea, hosts beach entertainment events, cultural festivals, and art exhibitions that attract visitors from within the Kingdom and abroad. The Eastern Region, especially Dammam and Khobar, stands out with its own season that includes diverse festivals and entertainment activities suitable for all ages.

In addition to fixed locations, the Entertainment Authority ensures organizing mobile events that reach different regions to guarantee comprehensive entertainment experiences for all residents of the Kingdom. These events include various activities from live shows, cultural festivals, fireworks, educational and entertainment workshops, making them accessible to everyone across the country. Thus, the Saudi Entertainment Authority aims to achieve its vision of making the Kingdom a global center for entertainment, leveraging the diversity of locations and the stunning natural landscapes that Saudi Arabia is known for.