360-degree videos designed in virtual and augmented reality offer the opportunity to explore and experience content that transcends the boundaries of the familiar world. These services often come with head-mounted displays and sometimes with gloves that track hand movements, as well as 3D glasses. This technology pervades various aspects of our lives, allowing video segments to be designed for promoting products or recording a series of programs to explain information in a more realistic and interactive manner.

What Does 360-Degree VR Video Shooting Mean?

Shooting 360-degree videos is a process of recording video scenes that allow viewers to explore the video content from multiple angles, encompassing all directions around the filming point. Thanks to this technology, viewers can experience the video interactively, controlling the direction of view and enjoying details from all angles. Marafei offers this service in all its types and across various fields.

Areas of use of 360 degree virtual reality videos

Through the 360 virtual reality technology, you can create various virtual design videos that assist in providing your services in the latest ways. Customers can enjoy an exciting and comprehensive experience, immersing themselves in video content via virtual reality devices. Next, we will discuss all the fields for which you can request virtual reality videos:

360-Degree Virtual Reality Videos for Schools and Universities

Proudly, Marafei offers expertly designed virtual videos for schools and universities, facilitating students and parents to undertake comprehensive virtual tours of the university or school premises before enrolling. Using VR 360-degree glasses, they can explore the facilities and educational environment interactively as if they are physically present. Not only this, but we can also equip a complete lab with advanced virtual technologies, using the latest devices and tools.

We always consider student safety and strive to provide an enhanced and secure educational experience. Moreover, we can create inspiring and captivating virtual classrooms, along with the possibility of filming some educational materials virtually using 360-degree videos, which simplifies understanding of complex concepts and enhances student engagement with the educational content. Using 360 video virtual reality technologies, we aim to improve the educational and learning experience through innovative and interactive visual means.

360-Degree Video Shooting for Decor and Architectural Design Services

This service enables engineers and designers in decor and real estate companies to preview designs before implementation through creating 360-degree panoramic images. These images can be shared with clients to clearly and realistically showcase proposed designs. At Marafei, we offer high-quality 360-degree virtual reality videos, supporting your project and enhancing your company’s prominence and leadership in the competitive arena.

Using 360-degree images and virtual videos, we provide you with the optimal means to execute designs and materialize ideas in a clear and understandable way for clients. These tools offer you a comprehensive view and precise details of the project before actual commencement. Utilizing virtual reality image and video technologies adds tangible value to your presentation, making your impression stronger and more convincing to clients and audiences.

Tourism Videos in 360-Degree Virtual Reality

Virtual reality videos play a prominent role in supporting the tourism sector, allowing visitors to enjoy 3D virtual tours across various cities and places around the world. This technology enhances the promotion of diverse tourist destinations by offering a virtual experience that takes them on a 360-degree global tour, accessible through smartphones or computers.

This approach allows recipients to experience and explore tourist areas and landmarks before visiting them in reality. Owners of tourism projects can also use 360-degree virtual reality videos to present exciting and attractive offers for hotels or tourist villages they manage. With 360-degree action virtual reality videos, an interactive and realistic experience can be provided for visitors, encouraging the expansion of tourism horizons and facilitating communication between the public and tourist destinations.

Implementing 360-Degree VR Conferences and Forums

Creating virtual conferences offers the opportunity to invite all relevant groups easily. For example, attendance by people with special needs becomes very straightforward in this context, as traditional conferences require special facilities for them, which may cause additional costs in preparation and transportation. Using virtual conferences, these challenges can be easily overcome. Moreover, they allow surpassing the spatial limitations that might be present in physical conferences, enabling you to expand the attendance scope effortlessly and provide unlimited space for participants.

Designing 360-Degree Videos for Virtual Museums

At Marafei, we can design virtual reality videos and clips that take you on a virtual tour inside various museums, allowing visitors to roam the museum anytime and from anywhere, displaying various exhibits like paintings, photographs, and sculptures. If you wish to design a virtual exhibition or museum to display a collection of your paintings, you can easily use virtual reality technology for this purpose.

By gathering information and filming all the paintings, they can then be converted into digital information through a website offering a three-dimensional virtual tour, accessible to visitors at the click of a button, without the need to create a physical exhibition that may be costly each time it is held.

Creating 360-Degree Virtual Reality Training Videos for Various Fields

Virtual training is one of the latest and most innovative professional training methods, creating a virtual environment that mimics reality with all its details and realism. This type of innovative training allows trainees to benefit from an experience very close to reality, where they have all the necessary tools to acquire distinctive skills.

For instance, these methods can be used to conduct various training courses for military and police personnel, as well as organizing regular virtual reality training courses to enhance the skills of firefighters. Virtual training is not limited to this but also enables training individuals in the use of heavy machinery and dangerous equipment through a safe and interactive virtual environment.

In concluding this exciting journey into the world of 3D video filming with Marafei, we clearly recognize that technology has the power to transform imagination into reality by providing realistic visual experiences. This service opens new doors to exploring limitless worlds.