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Project Details

  • Tabuk Municipality pavilion at the “Cityscape” exhibition
  • Exhibition pavilion design

The Tabuk Secretaryate Pavilion, established at the “Cityscape” exhibition in Riyadh, served as an innovative interactive display aiming to shed light on the historical and cultural landmarks of the Tabuk region. This pavilion distinguished itself by creatively merging technology and culture. Here are its details:

Interactive Technologies:

  1. Interactive Books: Utilizing books equipped with interactive technology to provide an immersive reading experience, making learning more engaging and effective.
  2. Interactive Wall: A digital wall allowing visitors to interact with displayed content, such as information about Tabuk, its history, and culture.
  3. Virtual Reality: Technology enabling visitors to experience an immersive and realistic simulation of Tabuk’s landmarks.
  4. Projection Mapping: Using optical technologies to showcase artistic and appealing images and scenes representing Tabuk.
  5. Interactive Map: A digital map displaying prominent landmarks in Tabuk, with the ability to interact for more detailed information.

Miniature Models of Historical Landmarks:
The pavilion includes models of prominent landmarks in the Tabuk region, such as the Mosque of the Parents and Ain Tabuk. These models provide a concise and detailed overview of these historical sites.

Visitor Engagement and Interaction:
The pavilion received significant attention from the audience, indicating a growing interest in the cultural and historical heritage of the Tabuk region. Visitor interaction with various technologies served as evidence of the pavilion’s success in delivering a distinctive educational and interactive experience.

The goal of this pavilion was to enhance awareness of the heritage and culture of Tabuk, highlighting its beauty and historical significance. Additionally, it aimed to attract investments and tourism to the region by showcasing its attractive landmarks.

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