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Explore the world of Arabic calligraphy in new dimensions with the Virtual Horizons Exhibition. Our digital exhibition opens its doors to art and Arabic culture enthusiasts from around the world, allowing you to visit the realm of Arabic calligraphy at any time and from anywhere. Roam among the magnificent artworks, discover their stories, delve into the techniques of their calligraphers, all in an immersive and interactive experience. In addition to being a rich cultural experience, the virtual exhibition provides a distinctive economic aspect.

It serves as a low-cost solution ideal for individuals seeking affordable options, as the entire exhibition is designed virtually with no physical counterpart, reducing material costs. Moreover, the application of features such as Augmented Reality (AR) technology allows visitors to experience the display of the artwork on the wall of their home or wherever they are. Immerse yourselves in the world of Arabic calligraphy in a way you haven’t experienced before, and become part of this unique and cost-effective virtual journey.

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