Augmented And Virtual Reality

Creative Scenarios

Designing and implementing innovative scenarios tailored to targeted needs. The following is what can be added:

  • Points
  • Levels
  • Challenges
  • Virtual goods and services – simulation of reality
  • Leaderboards – Follow up users
  • Gifts and Charity – Awards

Content Galleries

We are distinguished by providing complete technology solutions and support to our customers through Agile and Spectrum 3D and virtual technologies that would save you time and money.


Educational Gaming

When fun and learning come together, the result can be better retention, more engagement, and a generally positive attitude towards the process of understanding a new concept, at Marafei our gaming solutions for education include:

  • Visual and interactive sensors
  • Make practice the goal
  • Show visible progress
  • Immersing and triggering students motivation to conquer and succeed
  • Integrate thinking and problem-solving skills

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